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My 2nd curved Japanese style net. The handle is Wild Olive, and the frame from Bamboo. Total length of the net is 400mm, and maximum width is 220mm. The gape of the actual net is 260mm x 190mm. It's a smallstream net, but should be able to handle slightly larger fish as well. The net is probably a little bit of an overkill ito 3 x 3mm bamboo strips in the frame. It's not a delicate net, but was never intended to be. It was designed as a versatile net for personal use, and one being capable of accommodation larger fish (how's that for positive ;-) )


Apologies for the poor pic quality. My DSLR lens is making some horrible noises, and I had to revert to using my pocket camera early this morning.

Here is a pic of the 1st fish I netted and released. The curved handle not only adds a little bit of style and the Japanese flavour to the net. but ergonomically does work very well indeed.




These handmade nets are available on order only. The following "standard" shapes are available, but custom sizes and shapes can be ordered as well. The Stream nets will be 3-strip and the larger model will be a 4-strip model. I'll be using bamboo mostly, but will also be using a variety of other woods in addition. The bamboo can be flamed to produce darker shades as well. Keep in mind, the handles pictured above are without the framing material on the outside, so it does look a little thinner than it would be in the final product.


Snowshoe Shape


Medium Teardrop Frame



Large Frame Teardrop


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