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Okay, so a while ago I decided to be a little more pro-active on the site, and will from now on forwards try to add something to the blog section on a more frequent basis. I'll also be adding more funcionality to the site, and make the site a little more interactive.


Among the things I will be adding will be:

  • The Shop - as time goes on, and I complete the odd net not on order, or a rod that I made as I had time, I'll add it here. Maybe someone wants it.
  • Comments to articles in the Blog section - this will allow you to make comments on what I write (or try to write)
  • Mailing list - this will be a way to update you with regular (well, sort of) info on what is going on here at CFR.

If there is anything in particular you'd like to see on the site, drop me a mail - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - I'll try my best to implement it into the site if I can.


So, life (well, mine anyway) as a rodbuilder and netmaker is sometimes more complcated than most people would think. Yes, we all have own own problems in life, and many more than mine I would guess. Finding time to get to everything for everyone is sometimes quite difficult. My family is high priority, and my 2 boys are with me every second of the day when I am home. At least, if they had the last word :-) There are some times when they cannot be around me in the shop, especially if the larger and more dnagerous machines are switched on. Apart from that, life after normal work is pretty much dedicated to the family. Things however are going to change ye again .....


That makes #3 for us!! Still not sure what to say, think, do etc!! A bit unplanned and all of that I've got a couple of months to get as much sorted and out of the way before our 3rd arrives!! Things to do inlude moving the workshop to another building on our property - a task I both look forward to, as well as dread! The planning and layout of the new shop will be better than the makeshift shop I am in now after we moved house about 16 months ago. But, it seems temporary mostly becomes permanent - right??

My next entry will be about 2 outings I had recently with a few friends ... hope you tune in for that.


Thanks for watching.

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