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So a couple of Sage blanks arrived yesterday in the post. Must say, everytime the PO calls to say I've a parcel from abroad (yes, they call me - the perks of small town living) my excitement is hardly containable, despite getting them quite regularly.




I just completed another VXP prior to these arriving, and used an Olive Branch inlay wrap for the 1st time. The wrap originated from a builder by the name of Jim Trelikes, and I think you'll see more and more of this wrap soon. You need to be careful though, overdoing it can look "busy" if you don't pay attention. I think my trademark white trim works quite well with this wrap though.




This rod is getting a lovely little Wild Olive spacer fitted to the Struble U-17 skeleton. The U-17's are brilliant seats - very light, and not as shiny as the Nickel Silver. They are fast becoming my go-to seat skeleton to use. They are also available in black, which is another huge bonus.


I've also been busy with a couple of curved Japanese styled stream nets. They are currently in the curing cabinet after receiving their final coating of finish. I'll post a few pics on Monday when they are completely dry. It is extremely cold at the moment, and finish takes ages to cure and dry properly.


I'll also be adding a couple of custom tubes to the Blog during the week.


Thanks for having a look!

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