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For the past month I've been in the workshop mostly working on wood items!


The 1st item was a net for Tom Sutcliffe. A delicate medium sized Japanese style release net, made with Kiaat, Bamboo and Tamboti wood. It's a 2 strip construction, with a hollow recessed handle - all to save weight and ensure some added buoyancy. It also features a small handmade magnetic clip in Tamboti. The clip is fixed to the frame with waxed cotton string. This is done to keep the attachment from hitting and banging against the net frame, as with most commercial magnetic clips, which are heavy and a total overkill for smallstream nets.


The Kiaat section of the frame was made with a scarf joint, as the piece of Kiaat cracked while planing, and had to be joined. An unfortunate step, but one which sometimes happens while handmaking such items.


A few pictures of the making process ..







A couple of pics of another net completed with a Wild Olive handle and Bamboo and Embuia frame ...






Tom's completed net with soft mesh bag. Note the complimenting "pin" inserted in the handle for attaching an additional lanyard when the net is in use. This ensure the net does not drift away while handling fish etc. An important addition for someone like Tom, who has to handle the rod, fish, net and usually a camera or two all at once.




I was also lucky enough to acquire some Guajivera wood. It's a South American wood, and looks similar to Tamboti with it's light and dark features. I cut some strips and tried the wood out making 2 frames. Early results look very promising so far, and I think I'm going to have a lot of fun with this wood.




Lastly, I also managed to work on some rods. 1 Sage VXP 5-weights, and a Sage ZXl 3-weight. The two 5-weights both received Wild Olive reel seat spacers, while the ZXL got a Besembos spacer.




Hopefull these 3 rods should be done within the next 3 weeks, and I'll post some pics of the completed rods with their custom tubes.


As always, thanks for looking


M & the (expanding) CFR family ...

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