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I often get asked how I get to my final price on a custom rod. Well, just to put things into perspective a little, I though I'd do the breakdown for you on a rod I'm doing for a friend at the moment. All components are from, but you'd get to around the same averages even if you shop around.



[]ATW12-B-TATC Triangle Window Fly Seat Window Seats: Black / Titanium Insert $32.45


[]SCR2BCork Ring AAAA grade - 1/4" ID x 1 1/4" OD 15 x $2.50 = $37.50



[] FAWC-10-BAluminum Winding Checks - Black - 10.0mm Winding Checks: Black - 10.0mm $3.55

[]GBRLC-16ATC Ring Lock Casting Gold/Black GUIDE SIZE: 16 $8.50
[]GBRLC-12ATC Ring Lock Casting Gold/Black GUIDE SIZE: 12 $6.68
[]RSNXB-3RECOIL Double Foot Snake Guides - Black Pearl GUIDE SIZE: 3 $11.85
[]RSNXB-2RECOIL Double Foot Snake Guides - Black Pearl GUIDE SIZE: 2 $7.90
[]RSNXB-1RECOIL Double Foot Snake Guides - Black Pearl GUIDE SIZE: 1 $15.80

[]BFTL-4.5Pacific Bay Black Fly Top BFTL 04.5MM GUIDE SIZE: 4.5 $1.27

[]RCR750Rubberized Cork Ring 1 1/2" x 1/2" (no hole) $1.45



That brings up a Subtotal $126.95 (126.95 USD=1,128.02 ZAR)

Add shipping: International Shipping – $31.74 (31.74 USD=282.027 ZAR)

Add the VAT on the invoice total: VAT on the R1128.02 = R1285.94

Add the shipping and you end up with R1567.97



Add the price of the blank (in this case a Sage One) @ $368.00 (368.00 USD = 3,269.88 ZAR) and add the 14% VAT and you end up at R3727.66


So if my math is okay, and you add up everything, you end up at R 5295.63


Not a bad price right!!!! Well, you forgot that there is no rod bag, no rod tube, and the rod itself has not been built yet ... OOOOPS! Cry So, add the bag and tube at a very low estimate of R750 (totally custom remember) and you get R6045.63. Add the insured courier/shipping costs to the client/owner of R150 and the final total comes to R6195.63. Comparing the local RRP at R7320.00 it might still seem that I end up making R1124.37 of profit ... but let's keep in mind the consumables like thread, glues, epoxies and overhead costs. Let's put that at R200 (conservative estimate) and I'm already under the R1000.00 "in profit".


Assuming I'm putting in 20 hours into your rod (another very conservative estimate), I'm ending up being paid less than R50.00 per hour for the rod of your dreams ...


This is not a rant btw, just a insight into what makes up the cost of a custom built rod from our side. It shows that the rods are made for the love of putting the absolute best rod in your hands - a rod made for YOU, the rod you always wanted!

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